Shane Finn 24 marathons 24 days

Meet the 25-Year-Old Who Ran 24 Marathons in 24 Days

Over the summer Shane Finn ran a whopping 24 marathons around the country in 24 days, now he has his sights set on America.
All-Ireland Sailing Championships 2017

Fionn Lyden Wins All Ireland Sailing Championships

Congratulations to Baltimore’s Fionn Lyden who has won the All Ireland Sailing Championships that took place over the weekend.

15 of the Best Activities in Ireland for Rainy Days

Feeling motivated to do something, but there's a hurricane brewing outside, here are some of the best activities in Ireland for those wet weather days.
Quest Adventure Series

New 12 and 24-Hour Adventure Races Come to Ireland

The popular Quest Adventure Series has announced the addition of two new events for 2018. Registration opens this weekend.
Commuting by Bike: The Essential Gear

Commuting by Bike: The Essential Gear

Fed up of sitting in traffic while everyone on their bikes whizzes by you? It's time you dusted off yours and made it your main mode of transport.
Bike Commuter Jeans

The Best Bike Commuter Jeans for Men and Women

Torn between wearing your work clothes on the bike or succumbing to lycra? These commuter jeans will solve that dilemma instantly.

10 of the Best Bike Lights for Commuting

Summer is over, so it's time to deck your bike out with some lights for the winter commute. These are some of the best bike lights for commuting. 
Bike Commuter Backpacks

10 of the Best Bike Commuter Backpacks

On the hunt for a decent backpack for your daily cycling commute? We’ve rounded up some of the best bike commuter backpacks on the market.
Mountain Biking Events in Ireland

8 of the Best Mountain Biking Events in Ireland

Get the calendar out, it's time to start planning what mountain biking events you are going to enter next year and we're here to the tell you the best.
32 Summits 32 Friends

Interview: Cormac Lynch’s Heartwarming 32 Summits with 32 Friends Challenge

In a world where people are glued to technology, Cormac Lynch's story of how he climbed 32 summits with 32 friends is one to make you smile.