Commuting by Bike: The Essential Gear

Commuting by Bike: The Essential Gear

Fed up of sitting in traffic while everyone on their bikes whizzes by you? It's time you dusted off yours and made it your main mode of transport.
Bike Commuter Jeans

The Best Bike Commuter Jeans for Men and Women

Torn between wearing your work clothes on the bike or succumbing to lycra? These commuter jeans will solve that dilemma instantly.

10 of the Best Bike Lights for Commuting

Summer is over, so it's time to deck your bike out with some lights for the winter commute. These are some of the best bike lights for commuting. 
Bike Commuter Backpacks

10 of the Best Bike Commuter Backpacks

On the hunt for a decent backpack for your daily cycling commute? We’ve rounded up some of the best bike commuter backpacks on the market.

5 Pairs of Trail Running Socks that Guarantee to Leave you Blister Free

Even the best shoes in the world will be no use without a good pair of trail running socks inside them. We round up 5 pairs to keep you blister free.
Surf Accessories

13 of our Favourite Surf Accessories

You've splashed out on the two surfing essentials, now it's time to expand your surfing arsenal with some of our favourite surf accessories.
Surfboards for Beginners

Surfboards for Beginners: 5 of the Best

Have you caught the surfing bug, had a few lessons and decided to invest in a surfboard? Here are five of the best surfboards for beginners you’ll find in Ireland.
Head Torches: 6 of the Best

Head Torches: 6 of the Best

Be it for adventure sports, travel or just stuffed in the cupboard at home, everyone should own a decent head torch – here are six of the best.

Eoin Keith Talks Gear Choices for the Columbia Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc

Ultra running legend, Eoin Keith, talks us through his kit choices ahead of the Columbia Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc 2017.
5 Tips to Revitalise your Bike

5 Ways to Revitalise your Bike

The day to day grind will start to take the shine off your slick wheels sooner or later. Here are five tips to get your bike running as good as new.